Choosing the perfect invitation for your event

Yesterday I met with a women here in Boulder looking for invitations for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah. What I realized as we were talking was that our meeting was a little premature. There are some basic things to think about before deciding on the perfect invitation for your daughter or son's Mitzvah.

1. The invitation really sets the mood for the upcoming event. Think about what you want to say with the invitation. Is it a fun, contemporary, non conservative event or do you want it to feel more traditional and formal?  Boulder is a progressive city. Many people like to have their invitations reflect that feel whereas others want to create a sense of tradition and formality that the city doesn't experience every day.

2. Do you need the service and the party invites to be printed separately? If you are not inviting everyone to both events, this is necessary. If everyone is invited to both events, you can print all information on one card and save money.

3. Are you planning on serving a plated meal or buffet style? The RSVP card will be designed differently if the guests need to specify food choices on the RSVP card.

4. Are you going to print return addresses on the envelopes, use stickers, hand write or use calligraphy? All things to think about when creating your invitation budget.  

5. Do you have out of town guests that you will be inviting to a dinner after Friday night services? Are you hosting a Sunday brunch the day after the Mitzvah? If so, it's always nice to include an "other events" card in the invitation suite. Remember you'll need to count how many of these you'll need printed because chances are you are not inviting the entire Mitzvah party to the "other events".

6. Think about the size and weight of your invitation suite. You'll need postage for all the invites plus stamps for the RSVP cards. If your invitation suite is odd shaped or too heavy, you'll have to pay for additional postage.

The invitation is a great way to start your design choices. It should accurately represent the event.  Think about the look and feel of the invitation and let it be the anchoring point for the rest of the event.